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Republicans shouldn’t Retreat from their Rhetorical Incitement to violence following Paul Pelosi’s Attack

Republicans shouldn’t Retreat from their Rhetorical Incitement to violence following Pelosi’s Attack – After a man motivated by their rhetoric and the January 6th election denial sold not only by former President Trump but also elected Republicans viciously attacked the Speaker’s husband with a hammer, forcing him into surgery, Republicans have managed to issue cryptic tweets of support for Paul Pelosi.

According to CNN, the assailant was fixated with Republican assertions that the election was rigged and denied the incident on January 6:

David DePape falsely claimed that the 2020 election had been rigged in a number of films that he shared linked to on his Facebook page last year. Other messages linked to websites that claimed the Covid-19 vaccination was lethal and contained transphobic pictures. According to one post, “The mortality rates being marketed are whatever ‘THEY’ desire to be touted as the death rate.”

Additionally, DePape sent links to movies on YouTube with headlines like “Democrat FARCE Commission to Investigate January 6th Capitol Riot COLLAPSES in Congress!!!” and “Global Elites Plan To Take Control Of YOUR Money! (Revealed)”.

Republicans have gotten the most spine they’ve had since Trump by emphasising that violence isn’t acceptable.

In reality, it is not how a leader calms down their followers. A true leader would assert: “The election was not rigged, you are not being targeted, January 6th was a deadly terrorist attack instigated by Donald Trump that resulted in police officers dying and being forced to resign, your vote counts, Covid vaccines are not killing people, trans people are not grooming your children, the truth about slavery won’t harm you, and Democrats won’t destroy your way of life.”

But how would they turn out the vote if they stated all that? They do this through caving.

This is not meant to be a gotcha or hot take. Actually, it’s long overdue. Republicans made the decision to not only defend the assault but to herald the assailants as heroes, which is mainly why our nation is still feeling the effects of the domestic terrorism strike on Trump that occurred on January 6. Because they are cowards who prioritise their personal power over the interests of the nation, they act in this way.

Yes, getting here required a lengthy journey. Roads paved with threats, political terrorism that is actually occurring, and a tonne of conspiracy theories.

This year, Republican candidates for governor, attorney general, and the U.S. Congress have launched at least 104 campaign advertisements that show and highlight firearms or other weapons. The Center for American Progress discovered in July that many even contain implicit or outright threats against political opponents or the government.

In several of these advertisements, the Republican is seen firing at Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and other people.

There are too many to mention here, but these are a few:

Arizona senatorial candidate Jim Lamon squares off against President Joe Biden, Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ), and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a Super Bowl advertisement from February 2022. (D-CA). The Democrats are disarmed and forced to leave the town as Lamon opens fire on them.

In an advertisement from August 2021, Mike Collins detonates “Nancy Pelosi’s plan for America” with a gun. Then he continues, “Conservatives have been steamrolled for far too long by weak politicians, and it’s time to strike back. Also, don’t believe that I’m only going to battle the Democrats. Because it’s RINO season too in the swamp,” the character said before shooting a fake rhino.

In a new advertisement for July 2022, Jerone Davison scares away “a dozen enraged Democrats in klan hoods” with an AR-15.

Josh Clark is depicted holding a gun in a March 2022 campaign advertisement, which also announces that he will be giving away an AR-15 each week up until the election in order to make sure that “Georgians are equipped and ready to protect their family and to fight against tyranny and evil when necessary… against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The advertisement then depicts Clark firing an AR-15 at targets as his kids and other people also alternately fire the weapon.

In case it isn’t obvious, Republicans are still acting like cowards while Paul Pelosi recovers from an attack motivated by their own rhetoric and that of their party leaders (not to be cable media pundits, but this is the same party running these ads, so it’s difficult to argue that violence to the level of political terrorism is not a significant part of the Republican Party brand):

Who would have thought that fetishizing weapons of mass devastation to be stroked tenderly on your Christmas card and being in bed with the gun manufacturers lobby would ever result in bloodshed.

Kevin McCarthy, the California-based minority leader of the Republican Party in the House, said of Pelosi, “I want you to witness Nancy Pelosi deliver me that gavel. It’ll be difficult to resist hitting her with it.

Oh. That is entirely typical.

Threatening to harm a lady because you purportedly have different policy ideas is what it takes to “win” with the incel movement.

As opposed to Kevin’s party, which attempted to kill Speaker Pelosi and the United States before he felt forced to reveal his dream about striking the Speaker, Pelosi’s party did not inspire and assist in a coup against their own nation. So it begs the question of what could possibly support such a notion.

However, neither Pelosi nor former Vice President Pence, who was also a target of assassination by Trump’s terrorists, said anything to that effect.

Just recently, an anti-Fetterman advertisement warned that he would ruin the American way of life based on the erroneous assumption that he is a “socialist.” Fetterman is a candidate for the working class; he has long been driven by the same desire to ensure that everyone gets a fair shot.

Republicans are expected to seize control of at least a portion of Congress and elevate some of the party’s most dangerous figures to positions of even greater authority.

That’s not a party that expresses regret or even acknowledges its part in the terrorist attack on January 6 and this awful assault on Paul Pelosi, which was directed at the Speaker herself, in yet another January 6th recurrence.

We must do it ourselves since the media won’t hold them responsible.



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