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Right-Wing Paul Pelosi Conspiracy Theories Are Dispelled by Video Evidence

Right-Wing Paul Pelosi Conspiracy Theories Are Dispelled by Video Evidence – The horrible Right-wing theories about the vicious Paul Pelosi attack should be put to rest by the following evidence: Capitol Police videotaped the hammer break-in.

Yes, thanks to camera footage, the Capitol Police were able to witness a guy using a hammer to break into Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house.

The D.C. policeman I soon opened up other camera viewpoints from surrounding Pelosi’s house and started to go back, examining footage from the moments before to the arrival of San Francisco police. Three persons acquainted with how Capitol Police learned of the break-in and who have been briefed on or have seen the film themselves claim that there was a guy with a hammer seen on camera shattering a glass panel and entering the speaker’s house.

No such thing as a break-in because the glass was on the outside!

” conspiracies. Evidently, these individuals have never heard of laminated security glass, but I have no business expecting ardent conspiracists to learn anything that can’t be twisted to fit into their dependent, closed-off reality.

The conspiracies will continue because they are (by those who know better) being baked into the Right-wing gaseous chamber of lies and reinforced by Elon Musk, who retweeted the conspiracy from a website known for spreading fake news (a red flag may have been when they reported that Hillary Clinton had passed away and a body double had been sent to debate Trump), and Donald Trump, who fueled the conspiracy with his unique blend of being the fake news he has always accused.

According to a person who spoke to Rolling Stone, the former president “has been chatting about whether the beating that put the spouse of the House speaker in the hospital was a false flag.”

Although we don’t need to hear his craziness, he unavoidably supported the “break out!!!!!” narrative. In order to prevent any of the election deniers from being held responsible for yet another act of terrorism, it can’t have been a crazed Right winger who was radicalized by the Q and Trump election denials’ fever that is being plastered and spammed all over the internet.

Before the “break out” conspiracy’s ultimate refutation with the video, Rolling Stone outlined its flaws:

“Trump’s claim that the Pelosi family’s smashed glass shows someone tried to “break out” is readily refuted. The glass on the Pelosis’ home was apparently laminated, making it more difficult to shatter, according to an affidavit released by San Francisco investigators. Fans of crime dramas may be surprised to learn that forensic glass analysis is a little more complex than “glass inside” or “glass outside.” the glass was made to be tough to break, therefore opening the door was a “difficult process that needed the use of a hammer.”

The conspiracy trolls will then ask to view the footage since they don’t genuinely trust law enforcement, while claiming to “support the blue.” They support racial supremacy. We cannot keep expecting that merely by hearing and seeing the facts, they will care.

They’re attempting to intentionally give us the impression that we don’t know what’s genuine, even though we do.

Among other things, David DePape is accused of attempting to assassinate Paul Pelosi and abduct Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Republican election denialism, which is a mild way of stating Republican political terrorism, which holds that elections won’t matter and that violence will take the place of elections, is truly the root of all of the current issues.

These issues include Republicans using guns and violence in their political advertisements, including those directed at Speaker Pelosi, Republicans justifying and lionizing 1/6 terrorists, and Republicans refusing to acknowledge that President Joe Biden actually won the 2020 election (he did, and it was the most secure election in history). After the 1/6 Trump terrorist attack, the Capitol Police were overworked, understaffed, and demoted.

It is deplorable that all but two members of the Republican Party have been making fun of Paul Pelosi’s vicious assault. It is a disease designed to degrade everyone who doesn’t support Republicans for office and to devalue human life.

We are in a perilous situation with these folks, but don’t allow that blind you to the fact that the third in line for the president was the target of a political assassination attempt. Republicans are trying to normalize violence when they lose, and we can’t ignore the truth of that. It’s not right. An act of brutality like this would never be mocked by someone who values freedom.

Voting in the midterm elections and ensuring that everyone you know does the same are the finest things you can do for your nation and your fellow citizens. If you can, work election protection.

Be a beacon of hope in these gloomy times and remember that we are not fighting this fascist assault on our democracy alone. There are more of us than not who want the American democracy to continue.



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