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Thousands of Poll Observers are being Trained by Trump’s army of Election Skeptics

Thousands of Poll Observers are being Trained by Trump’s army of Election Skeptics – We discovered for the first time on Thursday that thousands of poll “observers” around the nation, many of whom have been hired by “prominent” Republican Party members, are being trained by Trump election denialists.

Supporters of “Stop the theft” educate tens of thousands of American election watchers, according to Reuters on Thursday. “Reuters uncovered a number of incidences of intimidation using a rising army of poll observers, many of whom were recruited by well-known Republican Party activists and people who echoed Trump’s baseless notions about voting fraud.”

Thousands of Poll Observers are being Trained by Trump’s army of Election Skeptics

Reuters quotes a Republican election clerk as saying that an election-denying poll-watching group prayed for “evil to descend” on the “election team” in Colorado as they performed their duties in a recount in a Republican primary, which was prompted by Republican candidates who “claimed the primary was fraudulent.” In case anyone is wondering if these people are rational,

When those who had won their races in elections claimed that Trump had lost his due to fraud, election denial never made sense. However, now that hysteria and the weakening of our electoral system (Putin’s long-term objective) are growing, Republican V Republican charges are being made.

According to Reuters, identical events were reported by election authorities in Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina. Additionally, there is mixing: “According to the groups themselves and county authorities, election conspiracy groups also frequently appear at gatherings with Republican politicians, focusing on recruiting volunteers to assist watch the polls.”

Although this is concerning, it is not being reported with the same amount of outrage as has been shown over President Biden using three words when he had intended to use two.

Republicans’ Big 2022 Energy of deluded anti-democracy makes sense given that 299 of its candidates for office contest the well-documented reality that Trump lost the most certain election in recent history, i.e. the 2020 election.

What should you do if your party is fielding two extremist candidates, one of whom isn’t from your state and was overheard declaring that all abortions are murder, and the other of whom hangs out with anti-Semitic neo-Nazis, doesn’t believe in elections decided by voters and criticizes other Christians if they dare to disagree with him? (For those who don’t know, they are Doug Mastriano and Dr. Oz.) Given that the candidates can’t run on policy and Republicans only trust Oz and the most ardent Trump supporters like Mastriano, voter intimidation to rig the election may come to mind.

Thousands of Poll Observers are being Trained by Trump’s army of Election Skeptics

To that end, during a Zoom meeting in early October hosted by “an election-denying group called Audit the Vote PA,” Andrea Raffle, the Republican National Committee’s director for election integrity in Pennsylvania, informed participants (Reuters was on the call) that they had already filled 6,000 poll watcher positions in Pennsylvania this year, “compared with 1,000 in 2020.” Raffle sent a request for comment to the national headquarters of the RNC.

Rig it if you can’t win it. That is the Republican platform for 2022. You cannot take a side in this. Republicans are supporting and taking part in efforts to intimidate voters who they believe won’t support them and invalidate election results that they believe won’t be in their favor.

A translation of “Specific types of people in specific places should expect to be harassed when they’re trying to vote” by openly admitted election skeptics working with the Republican Party to educate “poll observers.” Again. yet it’s worse than it’s ever been.

Voter intimidation is prohibited by federal law, and many states also have voter protection legislation. The ACLU provides detailed intimidating examples:

• aggressively questioning voters about their citizenship, criminal record, or other qualifications to
vote, in a manner intended to interfere with the voters’ rights
• falsely presenting oneself as an elections official
• spreading false information about voter requirements, such as an ability to speak English, or the
need to present certain types of photo identification (in states with no such requirement)
• displaying false or misleading signs about voter fraud and the related criminal penalties
• other harassment, particularly toward non-English speakers and voters of color

We saw this in 2020 in Detroit, for example. This isn’t new but it is going to be ramped up.

Simply putting it out there as something that can happen might have a chilling impact on attendance, which is one of the reasons the media may appear to be downplaying this evident threat. This has historically been a true internal conflict.

However, we now confront a serious attempt by Republicans to overthrow American democracy and replace it with an autocracy like that of Hungary or what is known as “electoral autocracy,” in which elections are held but have no real impact. In essence, Dear Leader wins a fake election in which he gets what he wants. And that’s precisely what Republicans are attempting.

Luke Zalesky, Legal Affairs Editor at Condé Nast, commented on the Reuters story on Twitter, saying, “We’re living through a hostile takeover of the greatest experiment in self-governance in history and most people don’t even know it’s happening and the rest are either egging it on or too busy to deal or in denial—and every day we get closer to never getting our independence back.”

Similar cautions have been made before by Rachel Maddow and others. Republicans are truly learning from Viktor Orban; this is not hyperbole. On January 6, a violent coup attempt occurred as a result of their effort to steal the 2020 election. They didn’t lose that and then come to their senses; instead, they failed in their attempt to rig an election and emerged victorious.

Being informed and ready to respond to these hazards is the best course of action. This is something that we can accomplish. We can, yes.



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