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Marjorie Taylor Greene is being considered by Trump as a potential Running Mate

Marjorie Taylor Greene is being considered by Trump as a potential Running Mate – Thankfully, according to those closest to him and Trump soothsayers like Michael Cohen and Mary Trump, the chances against Donald Trump running for president in 2024 remain against him. The cabinet he would assemble, with Steve Bannon as secretary of state (or something equally absurd), Kash Patel as secretary of defense, and possibly Marjorie Taylor Greene as vice president, gives one nightmares. One would think that would be sufficient to prevent Trump from ever occupying the White House. According to rumors, he’s thinking about Greene From Salon:

If Donald Trump decides to run for president in 2024, a New York Times writer has confirmed suspicions that he is contemplating Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) as his running mate.

Although the former president has likely considered other candidates as well, Robert Draper revealed that Trump has been actively discussing Greene as his No. 2 since February. The Georgia Republican offers something to the table that might give her the edge.

She has always shown unwavering loyalty to Trump, according to Draper. “After the Mike Pence incident, what quality in a vice president is Trump most worried about? Loyalty.”

Even while it would be incredibly impossible to see Trump becoming president, the complete Qanon queen herself is the only person who could pull it off.

“Unflaggingly loyal” sums up Donald Trump well and tells everyone all they need to know about him. Despite the fact that we all know he would make a terrible president, he is an unfit guy in his late 70s (at the time). Marjorie Taylor Greene is equally unstable psychologically as Trump, but she lacks his financial background and expertise dealing with power brokers (we are reaching here for why she would be less qualified).

Furthermore, Marjorie Taylor Greene has even less remorse about casually using racism and very formally using anti-Semitism. If anyone in the country is more devoted to Russia than Trump, it is Majorie Taylor Greene.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s list of exclusions from the presidency is just somewhat longer than Donald Trump’s. But loyalty is what it all comes down to. Trump’s first term provided him with a lesson. He won’t ever again employ somebody who is capable of saying “No.” Trump is now far more dangerous as a result. Fortunately, even though it’s still very likely that he’ll run, the smart money is on his announcing his candidacy, raking in huge sums of money, and then finding a health excuse to sit it out… unless he really has to win to keep him out of jail.



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