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John Fetterman demonstrates why he is the best choice for Pennsylvania

In an interview with Joy Reid, John Fetterman demonstrates why he is the best choice for Pennsylvania.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D-PA) demonstrated why he is the best candidate to become Pennsylvania’s next senator.

When asked in the following video if his recovery from a stroke will affect his capacity to serve as a senator:

All of our physicians agree that we are completely prepared and physically capable of serving, Fetterman added. And we frequently remind everyone that I would be significantly better by January. However, Oz will still be a con artist. And as you may know, I trust medical professionals’ judgement rather than a phoney physician like Dr. Oz, who spent his entire campaign making fun of me and keeping track of the words I might have missed. Additionally, I recognise that anyone in recovery will find it difficult to participate in a debate. We decided it was vital to be there because we wanted to, so we went. Despite falling, I always climbed back up. That, in my opinion, is the true heart of our campaign. Any Pennsylvanian who has been knocked down and needs to climb back up is the target of our campaign. That’s what keeps us going.

Additionally, Fetterman discussed Oz’s views on abortion:

“It’s incredibly important, and it’s been very motivating,” said Fetterman. Furthermore, it is unsettling to hear Dr. Oz discuss his true views on abortion, including the idea that local political leaders like Doug Mastriano should make this decision. It is also alarming that people are aware of his views and the sort of vote he would cast if he were a senator. Giving a clown a vote on Roe v. Wade is not an option. And he rejoiced when Roe v. Wade was overturned. This was a pretty accurate moment when he expressed his genuine views on abortion, which are that it should be up to guys like himself or Doug Mastriano to make the decision rather than women and their actual physicians.

Additionally, Fetterman declared that he would oppose Lindsey Graham’s bill to outlaw all abortions if he were a senator in the US.

Pennsylvania voters heard from John Fetterman that he is the clear option to represent them in the US Senate. He has not evaded inquiries. The Lt. Governor has been open about his stroke rehabilitation. Fetterman does not attempt to pitch himself to Pennsylvanian voters as an unproven addition.

In his interview with Joy Reid, Fetterman exhibited his suitability for the United States Senate and proved to be genuine and sincere.



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