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All Hail Meloni! Italy blocks Migrant Ships from entering its Ports

All hail Meloni! Italy blocks migrant ships from entering its ports, defying the globalist European Union – During her campaign, the newly elected Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, made a commitment to protect Italy and put an end to ships that shelter illegal immigration from Africa. Contrary to the majority of her European contemporaries, this lady does not turn for the better, which is fortunate for Italians.

The previous administration of Italy cared more about the sentiments of the European Union than they did about defending the ports, and as a result, this year has been a disaster for Italy in terms of unlawful border crossings. Over 77,000 people who are not authorised to be in Italy have entered the country so far this year, and Italian civilians are paying the price for these cowards. According to information that was made public by the Italian office in charge of statistics, over half of all sexual assaults that include violence in Italy are committed by foreign nationals. In August, law enforcement officials detained a Guinean illegal immigrant on suspicion that he had sexually assaulted a Ukrainian refugee woman of middle age while it was still daylight outside. As part of her drive to strengthen Italy’s border security, Meloni made a point to draw attention to this horrible murder.

To this far, the administration of Meloni has refused to provide safe harbour to four ships in the Mediterranean Sea that are transporting a total of over one thousand illegal African migrants. This signals a return to the strategy that was in place under previous Interior Minister Matteo Salvini from 2018-2019, which witnessed a decrease of 96% in the number of people entering Italy illegally over the course of two years. As a further demonstration that effective border restrictions save lives, the number of migrants who drowned while trying to cross the ocean decreased.

This has irritated the proponents of free borders within the EU. According to a representative for the European Commission, “it must be emphasised that it is a moral and legal commitment” for members of the EU to rescue undesirable illegal aliens who are in the country illegally. Even though it is sailing under the German flag, the Italian government has been criticised by the German government for its refusal to permit one of the vessels, Humanity 1, to dock.

The toppling of Muammar Gaddafi by NATO more than a decade ago, which led to his barbaric assassination at the hands of Islamist barbarians, is the root cause of the refugee problem that Europe is currently experiencing. Gaddafi made a prescient prediction that if he were to lose power in Libya, the Mediterranean Sea would devolve into “a sea of anarchy,” and Europe would be inundated with millions of undocumented migrants. Because to the invasion, the continent has been plagued by an increase in the rate of violent crime, housing shortages, and stresses on the social assistance system ever since he passed away.

While Europe has been impacted negatively, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who deal with human traffickers to smuggle impoverished African migrants into the continent have made a mint off of the situation. They also take precautionary measures to ensure the people involved in the trafficking never come into touch with law enforcement. In 2017, Frontex of the European Union disclosed specifics of its illicit strategies, which included the following:

“Satellite phone calls to MRCC Rome dropped drastically to 10%, but the number of rescue operations carried out by NGOs increased dramatically to more than 40% of all events. Since June of 2016, a sizeable number of boats have been intercepted or rescued by non-governmental organisation (NGO) vessels without any previous appeal for assistance and without official notification regarding the location of the rescue. The presence and activity of nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) near and sometimes inside the 12-mile limit of Libyan territorial waters nearly quadrupled from the previous year, reaching a total of 15 NGO assets (14 maritime and 1 aerial). Concurrently, there was a sharp uptick in the total number of events.”

Meloni will be the target of harsh attacks from politicians and judges on Italy’s radical left who want to guarantee that the gravy train remains operating. The Gateway Pundit formerly reported on how Salvini was dealt with as a result of his enforcement of Italian law. In August of 2019, an Italian court stole the inherent constitutional power of the Minister of Interior, Matteo Salvini, and ordered Italy to admit more than one hundred illegal immigrants off an NGO ship. After that, a decision was taken in February 2020 by the Italian Senate to allow the authorities to prosecute him on abduction charges for blocking the refugees from landing in Italy, and he was brought to trial on October 23, 2021. Meloni must maintain vigilance and always be prepared to fight back against the powers of darkness. For instance, the possibility of impeaching judges ought to be considered.

Politicians that support globalism and are associated with unscrupulous nongovernmental organisations have dragged Europe to its knees. As a result of Italy’s recent decision to join Hungary, Poland, and maybe Sweden in supporting the patriots, the tide is beginning to turn in their favour.



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