How to Operate PC on Android Mobile Phone ?

How to Operate PC on Android Mobile Phone?

Everyone wants to operate their PC on android Mobile Phone.This is an easy work you have to follow this process.

Operate Team Viewer In Mobile
Operate Team Viewer In Mobile

Operating PC on Android Mobile Phone, Is it Possible?

The answer is Yes, this is possible. We can operate our PC in our Android Mobile Phone. Read the following paragraph and follow all the step.
Team Viewer in Mobile
Team Viewer in Mobile
As we know, we can share one PC’s screen with another PC with the help of  Team Viewer. We install Team Viewer in both the PC. After that, we share one PC’s User Id and Password of Team Viewer with another PC, after that both the PC get connected and we operate one PC in another PC.
Now you are thinking How you can share your PC’s Screen with Mobile Phone and operate PC in Android Mobile Phone? This simple work can be done with the same Team Viewer application.
Now you might be thinking Team Viewer is a Windows/Pc software, how I can I install this software in my android Phone?
Yes, you can Install Team Viewer in your android phone, As there is a particular official application of team Viewer in the Play store. Only you have to install it. Follow the below steps to Install Team Viewer in your Android Phone.

Steps to Install Team Viewer in Android Phone

  • My Dear Friends, First of all, you have to open your Play Store App in Mobile Phone.
    Team Viewer
    Team Viewer
  • Search “Team Viewer” in Search Box.( Click Here to Install Team Viewer)
  • You will Find Team Viewer in Play Store.
  • Now CLick on Install on your android Phone.
  • Now Your Team Viewer app will be installed in your Android Phone.

Process to connect Mobile Team Viewer With PC Team Viewer

  • Download Team Viewer for PC ( Download)
  • Open “Team Viewer” in PC as well as in Android Mobile.
    Operate PC on Android Mobile
    Team Viewer
  • Now you will find your user Id and Password in your PC.
  • In the Next Step, you have to enter your User Id in Mobile Phone by seeing from your PC.
  • After entering User Id, you have to Click on ‘REMOTE CONTROL’ Button on Mobile.
    Operate PC on Mobile
    Operate PC on Mobile
  • After that, you have to enter the Password in your Mobile Phone from your Personal Computer.
  • After entering Password, you will be connected to your PC.
  • Now you will See your PC’s screen in your Mobile Phone.
  • Yee! You can operate your PC in your Mobile Phone.
    Operate PC on Mobile
    Operate PC on Mobile
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