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Brundle: Following Red Bull’s conviction, FIA must Penalize Violations

Brundle: Following Red Bull’s conviction, FIA must Penalize Violations of the cost cap – The FIA has been asked to strengthen its regulations on cost cap violations and punish offenders severely.

Martin Brundle, an ex-driver in Formula 1, also criticized the sport’s regulatory body for delaying the publication of its conclusions about Red Bull’s violation from last season or the choice of a punishment.

Red Bull was found to have violated the budget cap of £114 million ($145 million) last year, which may have cost up to £5.7 million (or $7 million).

Additionally, Brundle stated to Sky Sports F1 that it “seems absolutely ridiculous” that a little infraction may result in a cost cap overshoot of up to 5%. We realize that $7 million is a significant increase to a vehicle.

“So, that needs to be tightened up first because what good is having $145 million and then this 5% variant? Other teams claim that this provides you an edge going into 2022 and that the car will be used through 2023.

At the Singapore Grand Prix two weeks ago, reports that Red Bull may have committed a serious violation costing up to £10 million surfaced. It is believed that it is now more likely to be between £1 and £2 million.

Despite the decreased numbers, Brundle urged the FIA to continue to be harsh in its penalties for violations.

I am expecting the FIA will have to come down severely on any small violations, but it appears that it may be a warning or a fine, he said. Will they want to review the points, and for 2021, will it be the points for manufacturers or drivers? How serious is the FIA about this?
It must be made plain that you must adhere to the cost cap or stay slightly under it, or else it will hurt. We’ll see if the FIA wants to penalize the first year severely.
Red Bull may lose points, but that seems doubtful; a fine or reprimand is seen to be the most likely outcome.

Another perplexing choice in Brundle’s eyes, the FIA has not yet chosen how to penalize Red Bull.

We’re discussing the 2021 season, not the current one, he said. We now have this announcement of what happened, but we are unsure of the effects, which is really disheartening.



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