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College Football Fans who Defeated COVID & Professionals who Failed

College Football Fans who Defeated COVID & Professionals who Failed – BlogNo1 Article – The notion that a smaller government equals a better government was intended to be put to rest by the COVID outbreak. It was only a strong central authority that could do what was needed to protect individual freedoms at a time when a highly infectious respiratory illness was spreading throughout the globe, according to the specialists who sorely want to be in command of a large bureaucratic state.

Despite the harsh restrictions New Zealand enforced, images of cheering uncovered New Zealanders stood in stark contrast to the empty seats in American stadiums when teams were permitted to play. If only US politicians had the tenacity of Jacinda Arden, the premier of New Zealand, they too could have freedom.

But in so many ways, the New Zealand example shows the sheer stupidity and blindness of the central planners who took over the entire world. COVID came in New Zealand a year after the country celebrated its win, and a heavily disguised Prime Minister predicted that “very soon we will all know individuals who have Covid-19 or we could perhaps have it ourselves.”

As the populations become hardened by enduring the inevitable viral waves that were filling stadiums, New Zealanders who were now nearly all immunized (with a vaccine created and tested in America) were suddenly worried.

It turned out that the people who stood up to the tyrants and their utterly ineffective mitigation measures were American college football fans, who are not often recognized for their expertise in epidemiology, statistics, or virology. College football fans somehow understood it was time to quit listening to the credentialed talking heads and resume pre-pandemic living. COVID specialists carrying respirators to grocery shops may not have been aware that COVID patients in hospitals were fast fading in the Fall of 2021.
It was also joyful.
As these events took place in college towns all throughout the country, doom and gloom warnings rained down from the expert class, yet no mass casualty catastrophes transpired.
The college football supporters were correct.

College Football Fans who Defeated COVID & Professionals who Failed

No one could say for sure at the time, but the inflated daily fatality figures on dashboards were becoming less and less significant. Hospitals and healthcare systems, for the most part, never experienced anything like what they did in 2020, when the virus first surfaced. The experts’ use of community transmission levels, covid dashboards, and risk calculators was incorrect.

It’s simpler to understand how this all transpired looking back. There was no doubt that the virus that appeared in the United States in the spring of 2020 was a terrible illness. Early on, it had a fatality rate for practically every age group that was multiples of the flu virus (even though the absolute risk to the young and healthy was always very low). Many of the drastic risk-avoidance measures enacted by public health professionals were supported by this high relative risk.

The issue was that despite the low number of hospital cases of COVID pneumonia, public health officials were fixated on an outdated model of risk that they are still finding difficult to update two years later.

Fans of college football were free from pseudoempiric models and covid dashboards. Their risk assessment was based on their knowledge of the area COVID deaths and illnesses, and they concluded that going to a game was a risk worth considering.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that the public health response was never going to function well for very long since the specialists were appalling at critically analyzing data in real-time. A prime example was the evaluation of the community disguising evidence.

It should come as no surprise that real people, as opposed to talking heads busy informing their echo chamber of the most recent academic paper on community masking, better understand the effectiveness of masks in the real world when delivering Ubereats to COVID academics wearing N95 masks while conducting zoom interviews with CNN from their basement.

Masks are undoubtedly simple to impose, and it is striking to watch scenes of masked 2-year-olds in daycare, but it simply takes a few minutes of close study of kids or adults to recognize that wearing a mask in public is nothing like the function of a mask worn by a surgeon in an operating room. I, along with many others, donned masks in and out of the hospital in March 2020 very early in the hopes that the mask would act as some sort of miracle cure, but the data and anecdotal information regarding the widespread use of masks is not at all persuasive.

Take into account the fact that the North Dakota governor enacted a statewide mask requirement in the fall as COVID spiked. Not South Dakota. The rise and decline in instances and deaths, however, were virtually undetectable in the months that followed in the two states.

College Football Fans who Defeated COVID & Professionals who Failed

Even if such were the case, it would still show that the directives of governors are unimportant. It is conceivable that the people of South and North Dakota behaved in unity regardless of what the Governors’ houses in their respective states were saying. (This isn’t just one selectively chosen example; Ian Miller wrote a whole book about the worldwide ineffectiveness of mask policies.)

College Football Fans who Defeated COVID & Professionals who Failed

The specialists mishandled the evaluation of the two randomized controlled trials on masks that were conducted during the epidemic in addition to the massive amount of real-world data. The results of a Danish Randomized Controlled experiment that examined the efficacy of mask usage early in the epidemic were disregarded to the extent that authors had trouble finding intellectuals willing to publish their paper since the findings disagreed with current public health dogma. This study was delayed for months because elitist journals were afraid about releasing a trial that revealed mask wearing in the community didn’t work, while tiny Mussolini in every big city hurried to establish regulations on masks.

The actual study was rather straightforward; 6000 individuals in Denmark were allocated at random to wear surgical masks outside of the home or not. The control group had 53 infections, compared to 42 infections in the masked group. The results were inconsistent with a 46% reduction in infection or a 23% rise in infections due to the limited number of occurrences, providing little support for the advantages of masks. Critics pointed out that the study could only speak to the type of protection mask wearers may obtain when wearing masks while surrounded by others who are not wearing masks because it was conducted at a time when the majority of the community was engaging in social isolation but was not typically wearing masks.

Therefore, the study alone was unable to exclude the idea that community-wide masking may slow the transmission of the virus; it could only conclude that surgical masks worn by the general population while engaging with a socially remote environment offer minimal protection to people.

Even worse, as viral waves subsided, the COVID prophets claimed credit for their fearless mask leadership. The second waves that occurred in spite of mask rules were always brought on by misbehaving horrible trump voters, and even when the crowd wearing n95s and respirators contracted COVID, it was evidently the fault of another careless individual in a distant location.

College Football Fans who Defeated COVID & Professionals who Failed
College Football Fans who Defeated COVID & Professionals who Failed

The enormous Bangladeshi randomized control study that concluded that community masks were successful in preventing COVID received far more attention than the Danish experiment, which was disregarded.

However, if you really study the trial’s findings, it turns out that a difference of 20 symptomatic occurrences over the course of 8 weeks in a group of 340,000 people was seen.

In actuality, the science around masks and practically everything else was opinion presented as fact. The informed public rapidly realized that when scientists make statements regarding things like masks, backyard parties, or cruise ship excursions, they are only expressing the set of decisions they would make based on their risk tolerance. There isn’t much research that was actually empirical on any.

It’s possible that the public health authorities that reached an internal agreement on group gatherings and mask requirements based on COVID community positivity rates are a risk-averse bunch who avoided purchasing properties with swimming pools. These choices to reduce personal risk are perfectly acceptable, although they might not be what you prefer.

Unfortunately, COVID gave rise to a group of individuals who believed it was their responsibility to choose what was best for you and your family. This bunch of moral busybodies has always tried to decide what religious institutions you can worship at, what foods you may consume, what kind of automobile you can drive, and where your kids should go to school. They had influence over practically every element of American society because to COVID, which was a pipe dream.

Due to a bunch of people far away who don’t know you and are unlikely to share your beliefs making choices about the dangers that you and your children should be allowed to take, we have the spectacle of 3-year-olds wearing masks and schools closing indefinitely.
The direction taken over the past two years has made it quite evident that the unelected public health bureaucrat class lacks both the knowledge and humility necessary to use the authority that has been bestowed upon them. They should never again be in charge of anything, much alone have access to the greatest economy in the world, as a result of their atrocities.

If there is any good news in all of this, it is that the epidemic actually made the argument against nanny states and central planners. The US economy should not be shut down while ten trillion dollars are printed. Schools didn’t need to be closed for the better part of 18 months, 3 year olds don’t benefit from continuous masking, cloth masks may be about as effective at preventing COVID as yoga pants, and vaccinated people can still contract and spread the disease.

Let’s hope that everyone has taken away a crucial lesson. Do not consult the experts when the next catastrophe occurs.



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