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Silva: Brazil have ‘Amazing Neymar’ than at previous World Cups


Silva: Brazil have ‘Amazing Neymar’ than at previous World Cups – When Brazil kick off their campaign in Qatar on Thursday against Serbia, the star player from PSG will once again be the focal point of everyone’s attention. After that, Brazil will play matches against Switzerland and Cameroon.

During the 2014 World Cup, which was held in Brazil, Neymar scored four goals, including two against Cameroon. However, he was injured and was unable to play in Brazil’s semi-final loss to Germany, which ended in a score of 7-1.

In the tournament that took place in Russia four years ago, he scored twice for Brazil before Belgium eliminated them in the quarterfinals. It had been a whole two decades since their previous World Cup victory.

Neymar, who is now 30 years old and appears to be playing at a level similar to his all-time best for his club team, will most likely play a key part in the event that the wait is finally over in Qatar. This year in Ligue 1, he has played 13 games for PSG and has contributed 11 goals and nine assists.

Silva is sure that Neymar will be able to shine for Brazil over the next several weeks despite concerns over his fitness and form.

The comment made by Silva was, “I think Neymar is going into this competition in terrific shape.”

This time around, his preparation has been somewhat different. In 2014, he suffered an injury right as he was starting to get into a groove, and in 2018, he entered the competition in a different way since he had suffered a significant injury and hadn’t played much leading up to it.

“We now witness a better version of Neymar as a result of a different preparation, the absence of any injury, and the absence of any anxiety.”

Brazil was the pre-tournament favourite, and that status has not altered after the first few days of competition. Other favourites, including as Argentina and Germany, have suffered unexpected losses thus far in the tournament, including to Saudi Arabia and Japan, respectively.

Although Serbia are considered to be one of the tournament’s potential dark horses and surely have the talent in forward areas to challenge Brazil in their initial group-stage matchup, it is predicted that Tite’s side will breeze through Group G with little to no difficulty.

According to Silva, “we are aware that it is a difficult competition and we needed to be prepared, first and foremost for the first match.”

We are all aware of the significance that the first match has in helping us get over our nervousness, and because of this, we are optimistic that we will have a successful performance.

“We have complete faith in all that we have accomplished up to this point, and we are going to make our debut appearance in the World Cup in a very advantageous position, which means that we are in good shape in every respect.”

“What I can say to the supporters of Brazil is that I hope you will believe in us, and that you can be certain that we are prepared to have a successful World Cup. Even while it is clear that the championship is still a very long way off, we can still dream, and that is exactly what we do every day.

Pick of the Day: “Leonor Will Never Die”


Leonor Will Never Die – We’ve all heard the expression, “If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” But how does this proverb relate to the last third of our life, when we are no longer actively engaged in the labour force? Do we readily let go of the things that we love the same way that we let go of our jobs at 5 o’clock? Is it possible for a person to retire from their work while that employment also serves as their primary source of income? In the story “Leonor Will Never Die,” written by Martika Ramirez Escobar, this is the predicament that the main heroine, Leonor, finds herself in.

Leonor Reyes (Sheila Francisco), a once-prominent figure in the Filipino action film industry who now, to her dismay, retired, is the protagonist of the surrealist and avant-garde comedy that was written and directed by Escobar. Leonor, who is now in her golden years, is not only lamenting the loss of her source of income but also the death of her son, Ronwaldo (Anthony Falcon), whose frequent visits to the mortal realm help blur the borders between truth and fiction, as well as the living and the dead, in the picture. The protagonist of “The Return of the Kwago,” an unproduced action movie written by Leonor, takes his name after Ronwaldo and draws inspiration from the character.

There is no improvement in the relationship that Leonor has with her surviving son, Rudie (Bong Cabrera). After Leonor has failed to pay the power bill for three consecutive months because she has been spending the family’s already diminishing finances on action DVDs, the two are seen arguing with one another. Rudie’s accusation against his mother is that she is attempting to recapture the golden days of her past. He confides in a friend, “Mama is just beyond my comprehension these days.” “She is up to date on every new programme, yet she always forgets to pay the energy bill.” Even though the old lady may be a spendthrift, the fact that she makes irresponsible purchases demonstrates that she is an artist who is starving to go back to her work. Leonor has a narrative to tell, and she is anxious to finish it, and the DVDs provide her with more than just mindless pleasure to enjoy.

Pick of the Day: “Leonor Will Never Die”

She resumes up with “Kwago” just where she left off, extracting the unfinished screenplay from its coffin, which is a box full of relics that have been forgotten. The productive writing session that Leonor had just finished was cut short when a TV set fell on her head and knocked her out. She never regained consciousness after that. After that, Leonor finds herself transported into the middle of her own script. Within the confines of “Kwago,” she is simultaneously a participant, a viewer, and a scribe in her very own film. Leonor lives out the ambition of every aspiring author by touching, experiencing, and being in a world that she has created all on her own.

In the world of the awakened, Rudie is informed by the doctor that Leonor is now experiencing hypnagogia. He is also given the recommendation to speak with his mother in an effort to stimulate her awakening. In the hope that Leonor may regain consciousness, he comes up with the plan to make a film based on the screenplay she wrote. However, the more he reads the screenplay, the less he knows his own mother. She’s always been a mystery to him. “Mama, where did all of this stuff come from?” Rudie asks Leonor near her bedside. “Ma, I just can’t look right through you. You’d rather chat to the characters in the screenplay, wouldn’t you?”

Indeed, each significant person in Leonor’s life has been given an avatar in “Kwago,” which serves as a therapeutic outlet for the scriptwriter as she works through the traumatic experiences that have shaped her life and forces her to face them head-on. We witness Leonor console a grieving mother, her fictitious counterpart, who has also lost a son, and she apologises to the character for creating such sorrow into the character’s narrative. This scene takes place in the story. When Leonor thinks back to how Ronwaldo passed away, she tells the other lady, “I didn’t know what to do.” “It was just like watching a movie.”

Escobar told us that the song “Leonor Will Never Die” is a literalization of the concept that “we’re all living in our own movies.” This sentiment is conveyed through the film’s experimental and self-reflexive storytelling, which frequently breaks the fourth wall: the audience is given insight into the post-production process as well as Escobar’s own creative decisions as we watch her run ideas by her colleagues. “Leonor Will Never Die” is “about how I see life as one big film that we carry on creating and modifying until it’s complete,” as the filmmaker highlighted in the introduction of the movie. The audience is left wondering which aspects of the movie are essential to the plot and which are only there for atmosphere; does it really matter whether or not these distinctions are made as long as we like the film?

Leonor can refer to a number of different people and things, including Leonor the comatose mother, Leonor the stubborn artist, and Leonor the role that Francisco plays so wonderfully. Is the Leonor that we see shown on the screen in the film “Kwago” only a product of the retiring screenwriter’s own creative process? Or is it the materialisation of her memory, which has been kept by the members of Leonor’s family who are still alive? The story “Leonor Will Never Die” brings to mind the extraordinary power that fiction possesses to circumvent the limitations imposed by the rules of reality. Leonor will never truly pass away, even if the television does end up being fatal to her. She is relieved of this responsibility so long as there is a spectator on the other side of the screen.

On November 25, “Leonor Will Never Die” will be released in cinemas. It had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this year, where it also took home the World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award: Innovative Spirit.

Fearless Fauci Faces Down GOP Over Threats of Imprisonment


Fearless Fauci Faces Down GOP Over Threats of Imprisonment – Dr. Anthony Fauci is undoubtedly aware that he performed his duties to the very best of his abilities and did not break any laws, ethical guidelines, or lie to members of Congress while doing so. He has been engaging in this activity for a significant period of time, and he is likely to have humiliated Republicans today, who promised to drag him into the Capitol for what will feel like never-ending investigations. Many members of the House and Senate have promised their constituents that Fauci will be sentenced to prison. It has to humiliate Republicans, given that they have just spent the last two years doing all they could to avoid appearing in different forums, even going all the way to the Supreme Court. Fauci guaranteed his full participation in any investigation that may be conducted.

Fearless Fauci Faces Down GOP Over Threats of Imprisonment

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the senior medical advisor for the White House, stated on Tuesday that he is prepared to fight Republicans in Congress next year when they take control of the United States House of Representatives and commit to continue their monitoring of COVID-19. During the press event that took place at the White House, Dr. Fauci stated to the reporters, “I certainly will cooperate completely and appear before the Congress if requested.”

“I have testified before the Congress somewhere in the neighbourhood of a couple hundred times over the course of the last 40 years, so I have no problem doing so. Everything that we’ve stated can be defended, explained, and we fully support what we’ve said. There is nothing I need to conceal.”

This gentleman is 82 years old and has recently made the decision to end his career in public service. If he had switched over to the large pharmaceutical companies thirty years ago, he could have made millions. Something kept him working for the United States government, and one of the very few possible reasons for this is a sense of responsibility to protect people’s lives. It is very appropriate that a Republican, George W. Bush, was the one to honour Fauci with the Medal of Freedom in 2002 for the “lifetime” of service that he had rendered. It took Rand Paul, the MAGA movement, and Donald Trump to portray Fauci a “bad person” whose ego was out of control, that he damaged people, lied to Congress, and should face up to five years in jail for his actions. Fauci should face the maximum sentence of five years in prison for his actions.

No issue. He is going to be helpful.

At least Fauci will get the final laugh when all is said and done. He would much prefer be relaxing in his well-deserved retirement than testifying in front of Congress, so this will not be a pleasurable experience for him. However, just coming up conveys a message that cannot be matched by many Republicans, and certainly not by his most formidable opponents. Jim Jordan did not speak on the events of January 6, a crucial day for our democracy that was on par with the significance of the pandemic for our public health. It’s possible that Fauci has gained some self-assurance in his ability to answer any issue openly and fearlessly at this point.

Hunter Biden Investigation by Jim Jordan Is A Fox News Pander


Hunter Biden Investigation by Jim Jordan Is A Fox News Pander – Having just finished a campaign in which investigating Hunter Biden and the Biden White House was a significant part of the platform – indeed, perhaps “the” platform – only to discover that not only did it not resonate with the voters, but the party got severely punished with an undeniable message in what can only be described as a “loss” in the midterm elections.

Despite this, Jim Jordan schedules a news conference to make the announcement that the investigations against Hunter Biden would begin as soon as he gets the gavel in the House Oversight Committee. If one views it through the perspective of politics, it could appear to be the most ill-conceived political manoeuvre in the annals of human history.

According to Phillip Bump of the Washington Post, you’re looking at it through the incorrect lens. You have to look at it through the perspective of the popular youngsters who watch Fox News and other right-wing media outlets. Being the antagonist on television is the only way to maintain a presence there. Who cares if it loses you votes in the upcoming election?

Bump has written:

The investigation procedure follows a certain routine at this point. When the Republicans controlled the House in 2013 and 2014, they launched a number of inquiries into the terrorist attacks that took place in Benghazi, Libya, in September 2012. That story received a lot of attention from Fox News itself; there was an often-explicit feedback loop between the network and the subject of the investigations.

Oh, how fondly we remember the good old days, when the only news was the news that was made by the behaviour of the committee itself, and not the answers or eventual findings.

Hunter Biden Investigation by Jim Jordan Is A Fox News Pander

“The effort that the House Republicans are making, on the other hand, cannot be divorced from the zeal with which members of the party’s caucus are overtly appealing to the echo chamber that consists of Fox News and right-wing media.”

“After Thursday’s press conference, some onlookers scratched their heads over the timing of the event. The party had just suffered that election underperformance thanks in part to a whole universe of speech that paralleled what was being emphasised at the news conference. In response, the party pledged to utilise its influence to increase the emphasis placed on the allegations stemming from that world. Yes. In part, this is due to the fact that it follows the pattern established prior to 2016 and prior to 2020 of going after a presidential rival. And in part because doing so ensures that Republican leaders will receive retweets and clicks on Fox News, as well as coverage on the network that keeps them in the spotlight:

And who among the members of the Republican party wouldn’t want to be the focus of everyone’s attention? Eric Swalwell was the one who originally made the comparison between the government of MAGA and professional wrestling. It is all for show, and it makes no difference if they slam a chair over your head since it is all for show. You’re welcome to have some drinks later.

But voters are starting to catch on to the fact that in show business, one must continue, ever more extreme, to keep the audience happy. The general electorate isn’t happy with the extremism they see coming from the right, but voters are starting to pick up on the fact that in show business, one must continue, ever more extreme, to keep the audience happy. Jim Jordan is unconcerned with the voters or the issues that they care about. He has aspirations of being on the small screen.

Binance Makes Moves in Hardware Wallet Industry


Binance Makes Moves in Hardware Wallet Industry – The venture capital arm of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance is making a move into the hardware wallet sector by investing in the cold wallet platform Ngrave. This move marks the beginning of Binance’s entry into the hardware wallet industry.

According to an announcement issued by Ngrave on November 21st, Binance Labs has made a strategic investment in the Belgian hardware wallet company Ngrave and will lead the company’s next Series A round of funding.

Ngrave is a company based in Belgium that was established in 2018. The company focuses on self-custody and offers a security suite that is composed of three core components. These components are the connectionless hardware wallet Zero, the key backup tool Graphene, and the Liquid mobile app.

Yi He, one of the co-founders of Binance and the head of Binance Labs, identified security as one of the primary obstacles standing in the way of widespread cryptocurrency adoption. ‘Self-custodial wallets are one of the most safe means for keeping digital assets,’ he said, adding that Binance is keen to continue financing firms that boost user security. ‘Self-custodial wallets are one of the most secure methods for storing digital assets,’ he added.

Binance Makes Moves in Hardware Wallet Industry

Binance Labs investment director Tyler Z added that the company was excited to capitalise on the emerging hardware wallet sector and partner with Ngrave to bring sophisticated wallet products to both retail and institutional users. “Binance Labs is excited to capitalise on the emerging hardware wallet sector,” he said.

Binance Labs’ portfolio includes more than one vendor of hardware wallets; Ngrave is not the first. Through its incubation programme, Binance Labs has previously made an investment in the manufacturer of hardware wallets known as SafePal in 2018. Additionally, Binance has been incorporating SafePal’s solution into its platform, and in October of 2022, the SafePal Mini App will be included in the Binance app.

Additionally, at the beginning of November, Binance formed a partnership with the company that makes the Ledger hardware wallet. This partnership enables Binance users to transfer cryptocurrency through Ledger directly using their bank cards.

The continuing cryptocurrency winter has, as was previously reported, spurred the expansion of the hardware wallet business, while many centralised cryptocurrency exchanges were trying to sustain operations. Hardware wallets are used to store cryptocurrencies offline. Hardware wallets, in contrast to exchanges, provide consumers more control over their own cash by encrypting a private key. The findings of many studies that were published in July suggest that in the not-too-distant future, the market for cryptocurrency hardware wallets may expand at a rate that is greater than that of exchanges.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao even remarked on November 14 that centralised exchanges would not be required in the future because investors would gravitate to self-custodial alternatives. “If we can have a way to allow people to hold their own assets in their own custody securely and easily, that 99% of the general population can do it, centralised exchanges will not exist or probably don’t need to exist, which is great,” Zhao said. “If we can have a way to allow people to hold their own assets in their own custody securely and easily, that the general public can do it.”

The most recent development comes only a short time after Ledger Pascal Gauthier stated that Binance-owned software wallet Trust Wallet must provide the Ledger Connect option in order to give its users with a higher level of protection. In a tweet dated November 13, the company’s chief executive officer stated, “Otherwise it’s plain hazardous.” Users of Trust Wallet now have the option to keep their private keys on a Ledger device as an alternative to storing them on a mobile phone or a computer. This is made possible via the linking option.

GBTC Bitcoin Discount Nears 50% on FTX


GBTC Bitcoin Discount Nears 50% on FTX – As a result of the record discount at which it trades, the Bitcoin (BTC) institutional investment vehicle that is the largest in the world is drawing scrutiny.

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is the latest organisation in the Bitcoin sector to feel the heat caused by the scandal involving the now-defunct exchange FTX.

Due to FTX’s problems, Coinbase has decided to place their faith in the GBTC owner

Misgivings are affecting even the most well-known and trusted names in the cryptocurrency industry as a result of the current widespread contagion and fears over a deeper market rout in Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies.

In recent days, the Bitcoin investment fund known as GBTC became the latest victim of the ongoing issues plaguing a linked cryptocurrency business known as Genesis Trading.

According to a report by Cointelegraph, the parent firm Digital Currency Group (DCG) and operator Grayscale itself moved quickly to convince investors and the public that their main product was financially sound.

However, this did not appear to be sufficient to calm people’s nerves, which resulted in additional public declarations of faith in DCG and GBTC.

Coinbase Institutional, the institutional investing arm of leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, was one of these companies.

On November 17, it tweeted, “Nothing is more essential than protecting the safety of the assets belonging to our customers.”

The reputation of GBTC has been in jeopardy for some time now. Since 2021, it has been traded at a discount to the current price of BTC, and that discount is becoming closer and closer to 50% presently.

GBTC premium vs. asset holdings vs. BTC/USD chart. Source: Coinglass

The lack of demand has led to a rise in speculation, which has been fueled by reports that Grayscale may be acquired in the event that Genesis Trading is unsuccessful.

This shift in strategy may have repercussions for GBTC, given that Grayscale is ostensibly still committed to the idea of transforming it into an exchange-traded fund (ETF).

On November 19, Michael Sonnenshein, CEO of Grayscale, tweeted, “Though this is a difficult moment for many in crypto, I am deeply optimistic about the future of this industry, Grayscale’s business, and the opportunity for investors.” Sonnenshein was referring to the current state of the cryptocurrency market.

GBTC investor Lepard said, “I have been buying more” shares recently

The lack of consensus surrounding the likely forced sale of GBTC worth 10.5 billion dollars continues.

When asked about the possibility of the GBTC trust being liquidated, Lyle Pratt, the founder of the messaging platform Vida Global, responded by saying, “Genesis may fail, but I feel the odds of GBTC trust being liquidated to be quite improbable merely given the cash cow that it has been.”

Grayscale BTC holdings vs. BTC/USD chart. Source: Coinglass

The deepening discount that came as a result of the FTX drama has, in the meantime, made GBTC a somewhat ironic “buy” for companies with names like ARK Invest and Lawrence Lepard, investment manager at Equity Management Associates.

“Many inquiries and direct messages. Lepard’s perspective on grayscale and GBTC.” “Spoiler alert: I own it,” he said to start off a devoted Twitter thread over the weekend.

Combined Holdings of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) for ARK Invest ETFs (screenshot). Source:

Leopard admitted that it is impossible to know how much distress DCG and its family of firms are in despite the fact that he was asked about the potential severity of the contagion’s impact on DCG and its family of companies.

He continued to examine the repercussions of the worst-case scenario, which was for the company to go bankrupt.

Binance Witnesses Record Inflows of 138K BTC


As opinions on the future course of the Bitcoin price differ, Binance witnesses record inflows of 138K BTC. – Bitcoin (BTC) funds pouring into the world’s largest exchange Binance has had a massive jump that is reminiscent of the capitulation seen in the bear market of 2018.

According to information obtained from the on-chain analytics website CryptoQuant, a massive amount of around 60,000 BTC was deposited into Binance’s wallet on November 18.

The largest exchange inflows since the latter half of 2018

There is continuing concern over the potential for price contagion in Bitcoin (BTC) due to the insolvency of FTX and the consequent panic selling.

Now, the most recent on-chain numbers from Binance might give a another trigger for concerned markets. Binance has witnessed its largest daily inflow on record, thus this could be an extra catalyst for nervous markets.

In spite of the fact that November 18 is not yet over, preliminary information from CryptoQuant places today’s inflows at more over 138,000 BTC for the day so far.

Binance BTC inflows chart. Source: CryptoQuant

To put the deposit into perspective, even after accounting for withdrawals made not only at Binance but also at other major exchanges, the inflows have been the largest since November 30, 2018, despite the fact that there have been withdrawals. After a 40% drop, the Bitcoin to US Dollar exchange rate reached its bottom at $3,100 two weeks later.

For Binance itself, the move means that its BTC reserves are now higher than they were before the FTX debacle began; they are currently at 573,000, as opposed to 513,000 on November 6th.

Binance BTC reserve chart. Source: CryptoQuant

One observer was quick to point out that little over 59,000 had come via a “de-peg” of Binance’s Bitcoin BEP2 (BTCB) token, which indicates that the event has not gone ignored.

BTCB is a Bitcoin-backed currency that runs on the Binance Chain and has a reserve address that is public knowledge. This wallet had a total outflow of 127,351 BTC during the day, which resulted in it having 68,200 BTC when this article was written.

According to the chief executive officer of CryptoQuant, Ki Young Ju, the fall in the reserve that occurred at the same time as the decrease in the market cap of BTCB shows that serious selling may be afoot, in contrast to usual operations.

In a series of tweets, Ki elaborated on the concept he termed “sellside pressure,” which included the following:

Bitcoin BEP2 (BTCB) reserve address transaction summary (screenshot). Source:

The week of heat generated by exchanges

On the other hand, opinions were not even close to being in agreement over the matter. Some people said that the massive influxes were nothing more than an internal rearrangement, which would have no further effects.

“Today, Binance had a significant influx of up to 127,351 bitcoins as well as a significant withdrawal of approximately 50,000 bitcoins. In a tweet that was widely retweeted, cryptocurrency journalist Colin Wu stated that “on-chain verification shows that these inflows and outflows are organised by internal wallets, which are transfers between cold wallets and wallets for proof of reserves.” On-chain verification shows that these inflows and outflows are organised by internal wallets.

A technician at the analytics platform Nansen by the name of Andrew T tweeted, “I don’t really get the Jump rumours,” in reference to the overall inflow tally to Binance:

Bitcoin exchange BTC netflow chart. Source: CryptoQuant

According to a report by Cointelegraph, users of the exchange pulled out more than $3 billion in the days following the collapse of FTX, and this trend is still ongoing.

Over 3 Million Brazilians Protest Election Fraud – Bolsonaro to Annul the Steal


Over 3 Million Brazilians Protest Election Fraud – Bolsonaro to Annul the Steal -The procedure looks like this: On Republic Day, which was yesterday, November 15, more than three million Brazilians took to the streets to demonstrate against the rigged elections. The study was provided by the party of President Jair Bolsonaro, who also made the announcement that his party will seek to have the election nullified on the grounds that the results could not be certified.

Since the colossal fraud that occurred during the runoff election on October 30th in Brazil, millions of Brazilians have been demonstrating in the streets every day against the electoral fraud that was committed by Communist convicted felon Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

On the previous day, which was celebrated as the Day of the Republic, millions of people once again flocked to the streets, mostly in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, but also in smaller cities located all throughout the nation.

The refusal of mainstream media outlets such as O Globo to report on what are rumoured to be the greatest demonstrations the world has ever witnessed has only served to inflame the anger and dissatisfaction of the Brazilian people.

According to an article published on the German website Free World by a Brazil specialist named Fernando Teles, “I’m not an authority on the history of protests, but I think these may be the greatest protests the world has ever seen.” “Most people are in a pretty bad mood. That is not at all typical of Brazilians, who are known for their easygoing demeanour in most situations.

According to Teles, more than three million people participated in yesterday’s demonstration in Brazil, despite the fact that the capital is notoriously difficult to access and that many participants had to travel for several days to get there. Roughly half a million people demonstrated in Rio de Janeiro in front of the former Ministry of Defense, calling for the involvement of the military to stop the communists from seizing control.

Protesters voiced their dissatisfaction with the fact that at least one hundred of the computerised ballot boxes did not contain even one vote cast for Bolsonaro. 5 million votes were rejected. It is reported that Lula received 50.9% of the vote, while Bolsonaro received 49.1%.

Minister of Defense Paulo Sergio Nogueira de Oliveira handed his report on suspected election fraud to the extreme leftist Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) last week. The TSE is composed of hardcore followers of former President Lula da Silva. The study compiled by the military referred to “relevant security risks”: According to the findings of the investigation, it is not feasible to state that the electronic voting system is immune from the effects of malware that might have an effect on the results. It is very likely that the TSE will disregard the report.

Now, the Liberal Party (PL), which is led by President Bolsonaro, has also handed in their report on electoral fraud. In it, the party states that it will ask for “an annulment of the election” since “it is not feasible to authenticate the results of all the electronic voting machines.”

According to Teles, the only party that may protest the outcome is one that participated in the election. Fernando Teles predicts that the electoral court would most likely reject their appeal. “At that point, the currently seated President may give orders to a military court to make a decision. After that, there will be conflict between the legal system and the executive arm of government. It seems likely that members of the armed forces will have to go to the streets. According to the Law and Order Act (GLO), the President has the authority to direct the military to bring back peace.

According to Teles, both Bolsonaro and the leadership of the military are doing all in their power to abide by the law and the democratic norms and procedures. Already, demonstrators are chanting “Armed Forces, Save Our Country!” (which translates to “Save Our Country with Your Armed Forces”) in an effort to get the government to intervene militarily.

“The funny thing is, although they say they won the majority in the election, there are no protests by supporters of Lula,” Teles said. “Lula’s supporters have been silent.” “Where can we find them?

The Canadian exchange Bitvo cancels the acquisition of FTX.


The Canadian Exchange Bitvo cancels the acquisition of FTX – In order to maintain its status as an independent business, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitvo in Canada has cancelled the projected takeover deal it had with FTX.

According to the terms of the agreement, Pateno Payments, which is a stakeholder in Bitvo, has terminated the purchase deal it had been negotiating with FTX Canada and FTX Trading. Bitvo made this announcement on November 15.

The company made it clear that its activities have not been disrupted in any way, citing the fact that Bitvo has no significant exposure to FTX or any of the connected organisations of that company. All aspects of trading on Bitvo, including deposits and withdrawals, are operating normally.

Additionally, Bitvo emphasised that it is not a party to the bankruptcy procedures that FTX and its connected firms have initiated. According to the announcement, Bitvo has never owned, listed, or traded the FTX Token (FTT) or “any similar token.” Neither has it ever traded “any similar token.”

“Since inception,” the company stated, “Bitvo has operated as an independent, Canadian crypto asset trading platform.” The company went on to say that the platform has not been offering lending or borrowing services:

In June 2022, the struggling cryptocurrency exchange known as FTX came into a deal to buy Bitvo as part of the company’s aspirations to expand its operations in Canada, as was previously reported by Cointelegraph. The strategy, however, was derailed when FTX got embroiled in a major controversy in the financial industry. According to the allegations, the exchange had improperly used customer funds to engage in trading on its sister company, Alameda.

On November 14, Bitvo made an official announcement stating the acquisition of the company by FTX was still a pending deal that had not yet been finalised. According to the statement made by the corporation, “Digital assets are housed with independent third parties BitGo Inc. and BitGo Trust Company,” with more than 80% of assets being kept in cold storage.

The CEO of Bitvo, Pamela Draper, expressed to Cointelegraph that the company is relieved the merger did not go through because “it would have been disastrous to our workers, and just as crucial, our consumers.” She went on to say that the procedure that took place between the announcement of the agreement in June and its completion required working to meet the closing conditions. The regulatory approval was the most important of these factors.

According to Draper, “The Alberta Securities Commission is our primary regulator, and Bitvo and FTX were working with them to gain the appropriate permissions.” “The Alberta Securities Commission is our key regulator.”

Although it seems that Bitvo was able to back out of the arrangement, there are certain crypto firms that have been impacted by the FTX situation as a result of being bought by the crypto billionaire.

According to an official statement that was made public on November 15, the cryptocurrency exchange Liquid, which is owned by FTX, has banned its fiat and cryptocurrency withdrawals on its Liquid Global platform in connection with FTX’s concerns. In February of 2022, FTX completed the acquisition of the Japanese exchange as well as its affiliated companies.

Following the filing of Chapter 11 by FTX and FTX US, the insolvent cryptocurrency lender Voyager Digital took to Twitter on November 16 to provide its customers with an update on the reorganisation efforts, stating that the customer vote will be cancelled and that the proposed sale will not move forward. In July 2022, Voyager filed into bankruptcy, and in September of the same year, FTX US acquired its assets.

According to comments made by CEO Zach Dexter on November 14, FTX US Derivatives, a subsidiary of FTX US that was formerly known as LedgerX, has continued to provide fully-collateralized swaps, futures, and options on cryptocurrency. Additionally, he brought up the fact that LedgerX was excluded from the FTX bankruptcy filing in this discussion. In yet another tweet sent out on Monday, Dexter emphasised that “customer money remain safe on the LedgerX LLC derivatives platform, which remains open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” LedgerX was bought by FTX US in August 2021 in a transaction that was kept confidential, as was previously reported.

Island Country Uses Metaverse to save its Rapidly Vanishing Culture


Island Country Uses Metaverse to save its Rapidly Vanishing Culture – The island country of Tuvalu, located in the South Pacific, has made the decision to use Web3 technology in order to ensure that its culture and society would be maintained into the foreseeable future.

At the COP27 climate summit on November 15, the country’s foreign minister, Simon Kofe, stated that the government is looking into alternate methods to safeguard the country’s legacy from the rising sea levels that are a direct result of climate change. Recreating itself in the metaverse is one of the ways it can accomplish this goal.

Kofe stated in a video broadcast that because their land was disappearing, they had no alternative but to become the first digital country in the world.

At high tide, it is said that up to forty percent of the nation’s capital area is submerged in water, and it is anticipated that the entire country would be submerged in water by the end of the century.

Kofe stated that the country’s land, water, and culture are its most important assets, and that they would be maintained secure in the cloud regardless of what occurs in the real world. As Tuvalu develops itself into the metaverse, it will become the first digitised nation in the metaverse.

Although it is possible that Tuvalu will be the first independent nation to reconstruct itself in the metaverse, other nations have already started their own expeditions into the digital frontier.

Barbados, an island nation in the Caribbean, was the first country to establish diplomatic relations with the Decentraland metaverse in 2021, when it did so by opening an embassy there. Earlier that same year, an indigenous tribe in Australia announced their intention to establish diplomatic relations with the metaverse.

The United Arab Emirates established a new headquarters for its Ministry of Economy on virtual land, while Norway recently opened up a branch of its federal tax offices in the metaverse in order to reach its future generation of customers. Other nations have also started providing services in the metaverse.

Several of the world’s most technologically advanced cities, like Seoul, South Korea, and Santa Monica, California, have also developed their own digital equivalents.