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Another Republican Candidate who paid for an Abortion before voting

Oh great, here comes another Republican candidate who paid for an abortion before voting to keep it off the ballot. – I get to choose, but you can’t.

The ex-wife of Republican Michigan state judge Brian Zahra claims he forced her to get an abortion years ago and is upset with him for voting in September to oppose a proposal to include abortion rights in the state constitution.

The state Supreme Court seat held by Zahra is up for re-election.

In an interview with NBC News, Zahra’s ex-wife Alyssa Jones said, “I’m happy I had a choice, and I believe he’s pleased he had a choice.”

Jones expressed her outrage at Zahra’s alleged hypocrisy, noting that she feels the termination of her pregnancy eventually contributed to his successful legal career and that his vote was an effort to deprive others the same option.

Zahra cast a vote against Proposal3, which would have legalized abortion, claiming “insufficient space” on the petition.

After Roe was overturned, the ballot’s advocates put a lot of effort into collecting enough signatures to qualify for certification. In the end, they collected 735K signatures. This accomplishment was uncontested.

“Whether there is adequate space between particular terms of the proposed amendment’s text” was the question at hand.

This is referred to be “worry trolling” and “obstruction by any means,” and it was introduced to Michigan women by a guy who took his ex-wife for an abortion and probably wouldn’t be serving on that state’s Supreme Court without her decision to have an abortion.

Legal access to abortion in Michigan is precarious; it is only preserved by court rulings that temporarily halt the execution of a 1931 prohibition that was scheduled to go into effect this summer after the Supreme Court removed almost 50 years of safeguards.

After numerous arguments over illogical Republican concerns, who evidently don’t trust the electorate to have a voice in their own Constitution and rights, Proposal 3 will be on the November 8th ballot. The fact that Governor Rick Snyder, of the Flint water debacle, first chose Zahra won’t shock Michigan residents.

This is another another instance of the Republican Party’s troubling habit of disenfranchising voters and ignoring the Will of the Voters, which has led to their denial of the results of the safest election in our history as a whole.

In order to deny women and other couples the right to an abortion, which he used to his best advantage when he needed it, Brian Zahra attempted to utilize a font formatting problem.

As we saw with Clarence Thomas’ efforts to remove affirmative action after he used it to achieve the heights he has, this is also a part of the conservative pattern of building the ladder after oneself.

Zahra doesn’t seem all that different from Republican candidates for the US House of Representatives Robert Burns (R-NH) and Pennsylvania Senator Mehmet Oz (R-NJ, running in PA), who have suggested that local politicians should be involved in deciding whether a woman should be able to get an abortion after being raped or having cancer. In essence, they have suggested the very “death panels” they falsely claimed would be used to kill Obamacare.

Herschel Walker, a now-famous Georgia Republican senatorial candidate, likewise pushed for an abortion and denied even knowing the lady until she showed out that they had a kid together—the second pregnancy he attempted to get her to abort—and he rejected both claims. Walker allegedly forced a second woman to get an abortion, the second lady said, telling ABC News that Walker is unfit for office and that “honesty counts.”

The fact that [Walker] didn’t want me to have the kid was made very apparent to me. He also said that I and the kid wouldn’t be safe because of his wife’s family and other influential individuals in the area, the lady alleged.

Additionally, Herschel Walker claims to be against abortion. Evidently, he means for anybody other than himself, which is another way of expressing that everyone of these guys feels free to make their own decisions.

Observing a pattern here? GOP: I’ll get an abortion, but not you.

In these turbulent political times, all of the women who have come out to share their tales do so with admirable bravery, patriotism, and empathy for others. Being the focus of hatred for speaking the truth is difficult, but they do it because it reveals a crucial aspect of the abortion story: men play a significant role in seeking access to choice.



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